Plank You, Next

Our pose breakdown of the week is Vasisthasana, side plank!

You might want to say plank you, next to this pose because of how physically engaged every muscle in your body has to be to hold your hips up high. But you would be missing out on this “most excellent” pose which is what Vasistha literally translates to!

It’s most excellent because it requires your upper body, core and legs to be engaged all at once so your body and your mind gets stronger as you hold this pose in stillness.

To practice, start in a high plank.Yyour big toes touch and your hands stacked under your shoulders. You want to be one long, strong line of energy from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.

Ground down through all four corners of your hands and feet as you roll over onto the blade edge of your right foot. Keep your feet flexed to keep your legs engaged as your raise your left arm up to the ceiling. Bring your gaze up to your lifted hand.

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: __kailz

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: __kailz

Keep your right hand pressed firmly into your mat and lift your hips up to the ceiling. It helps to keep the pit of your belly pulled in and up.

Now here is where you can have some fun!

Lift your top leg to create even more fire in your practice!

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: @junekatasana

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: @junekatasana

Or, lower your bottom knee to the ground for more stability.

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: @erika.s_yoga

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: @erika.s_yoga

The most advanced version of this pose is to LIFT the corners of your mouth because YOU are the most excellent version of this pose when you practice it!

Once you’ve created your biggest expression of vasisthasana, hold for an extra breath and then switch sides.

How do you feel about this pose? Have any questions about it? Let us know in the comments below!

Written by @AlexandraAnnYoga

Alexandra Ann is an RYT-200 teacher at DDY Savannah. Meet her in class for Power Hour on Tuesdays @4:30pm, Yin on Tuesdays & Thursdays @7:30pm or Yinpowerment on Wednesday @9am!