Commit To Growth

Out of all the lessons yoga has taught me, the constant underlying theme is this: the work never stops - on or off the mat.

There is always room for growth and possibility in our physical asana practice and the same is true for our mental growth. If we could only accept that each aspect is ever evolving, I think we would be much more at peace with ourselves.

Yoga has a way of bringing things to the surface. They’re often things that we thought we were done dealing with - maybe things we really committed to healing from. We journaled, we meditated, we went to therapy, we processed that shit and tied it up nice and neat in the “done” column of our to-do list. And nevertheless, they seem to crop back up when we least expect it.

What happens then? How do we react when faced with the same issue over and over - and over?

Photo: @WhitneyCollinsPhotography Yogi: @kcp_sav

Photo: @WhitneyCollinsPhotography Yogi: @kcp_sav

It’s easy and even natural to get frustrated and upset and wonder what the fuck the Universe is trying to tell us. Pema Chodron says, “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know.” 

Healing is not linear. It takes time, there are ups and downs, we shed layers and more layers. It’s unique to the individual. It is essential to move at your own pace, with your own breath - just like on the mat.

What’s crucial is that we look these things in the face, time and time again. We can be afraid and pissed off and feel not good enough but we have to show up anyway, because we owe it to ourselves. We deserve to experience real and pure joy, transformation, and healing in our lives. And the only way to do that is to keep doing the work.

Photo: @WhitneyCollinsPhotography Yogi: @kcp_sav

Photo: @WhitneyCollinsPhotography Yogi: @kcp_sav

Sometimes the work will be alone time, meditation, reading, inquiry. Sometimes the work will be as simple as convincing yourself to get out of bed and eat breakfast. Sometimes the work will be breathing and being and nothing more or less.

Sometimes the work is physical and vigorous and sometimes the work is reminding ourselves to take a damn break and rest. Sometimes the work is pushing yourself to meal prep or fold laundry or unfollow that Instagram account that makes you feel like shit.

The point is: the work never stops. There’s no finish line, no final box to check. The paradox is that while we will practice until we die, we already have everything we need to live fully right now. Embrace the work, however it presents itself. It makes you who you are. 

Written by Kendra Pickren. Kendra is an RYT-200 Certified teacher who completed her training at DDY Savannah. You can take her classes on Sundays at 11 AM and Mondays at 6PM.