Asteya: The Truth Hurts

ASTEYA— Honesty (non-stealing)

Photo: @leeannritchphotography Yogis: @junekatasana & @nikkibaker.exclamationpoint

Photo: @leeannritchphotography Yogis: @junekatasana & @nikkibaker.exclamationpoint

Though this seems self-explanatory, Asteya is more than refraining from stealing. I prefer to think of it as taking only what we are offered and only using what we need.  From food, to clothing to energy--- there are many modern day applications of this Yama, and it is easy to violate if we are not constantly vigilant.  In the realm of teaching yoga, this means starting and ending class on time.  

Asteya is not always taking something-- sometimes it is the act of coveting or desiring.  Asteya is based on a feeling of lack, or not enough, and is often based in a sense of entitlement or belief that our needs trump those of others.

The law of attraction states that like attracts like.  If you operate from lack, you attract lack.  If you practice Asteya, you attract abundance and you learn that all that you need in life is already in you.