BRAHMACHARYA: Let's talk about Sex


Photo by: @leeannritchphotography

Photo by: @leeannritchphotography

Sex.   Yep.  Ancient texts relate this practice to the conservation of bodily fluid to be used to gain more spiritual power. It is also said that this practice is the restraint of sex.  We are going to approach it with broader strokes– and a modern touch.

In modern day terms Brahmacharya is the practice of moderation– pushing away the plate of french fries or refraining from buying yet another pair of shoes.   It is teaching us to recognize when we have enough, and a practice of moving away from “fixing” ourselves with things, be it food, relationships or possessions.   There are some things in our life that we could use less of, and some things we would be better off avoiding all together.   

Where in your life can you practice moderation?