Shift Your Vision: Disown Depression

Every now and then depression knocks me off balance and swallows me up. It's powerful like a gigantic wave and it seems like I have to go wherever it takes me. I used to call it My Depression. I owned it and allowed it to become part of who I am.

I don't see it that way anymore. Depression is not me and it doesn't belong to me. I can't stop it from barging in but, after it's here what comes next is up to me. I can respond by closing myself off from the people l love or, I can reach out and ask for help.

My point is: I can choose how to respond to depression.

Maybe it's not drepression that knocks you down. I'm not asking what does but, you know what it is. What happens if you change the way you look at it? What happens when shift your vision and drop the story you have created around it?

When I do that it changes everything! It gives me the space to stop being miserable and to simply ask for a hug when I need it. And maybe it can work that way for you too.

By Curtis Tucker

Shift Your Vision is one of the Baptiste 12 Laws of Transformation.