Commit to Growth

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Photo: @mollytookaphoto Yogi: @christinegraeber

Photo: @mollytookaphoto Yogi: @christinegraeber

A dear friend said in her class the other day that growth is painful, but stagnation is also painful. So which do you choose? That hit me like a ton of bricks and has obviously stuck with me. It’s a question I’ve been mulling over since I was asked. Life can be painful, no matter your circumstances, so why the hell wouldn’t you choose evolution?

I’ve been stuck in a unhappy pattern for quite some time now. Don’t get me wrong, there have been ebbs and flows, waves of happiness and joy. But something was weighing heavy on my heart. I felt stuck. I was living in fear. Fear of failure, fear of incompetence, fear of regret. A habitual thought pattern that has haunted me for many, many years.

I always tell my friends in situations like this that they should never let their fears hold them back. That they will prevail and come out stronger than before. Time and time again, like a broken record, I provide assurance. But damn if I listen to myself!

At least the irony of it makes me smile.

This time though, this was different. I TOOK my own advice. I pulled the trigger on making a personal decision about my future. I took control and chose growth. I have been mourning for months, feeling like I was stuck in limbo, and I genuinely feel a sense of relief. Like the moment you finally rip off the damn bandaid. I feel a clarity that’s been missing for a while now.

I know it won’t be an easy path all of the time. Rocky moments are expected, missteps inevitable. But I can feel the lightness I’ve created already. I feel excitement for what the future may hold and the journey that lay ahead. I feel confidence in the proof that I have survived shifts like this one before. More than anything though, I feel so utterly grateful for the undeniable support by my amazing family, friends {who are my family duh}, my students, and my teachers.

Growth isn’t always easy and it isn’t always linear. But it’s necessary to evolve the self.

I’m making a commitment to myself. I’m ready for the work that lies ahead. I know it will take dedication, strength, and courage over and over again. But I’m ready to heal myself in a way that’s yet unknown to me. I’m ready to grow.

Written by Christine Graeber

Christine Graeber is a Senior DDY Teacher and the General Manager for Dancing Dogs Yoga Savannah and Tybee.  She has an infamous sweet tooth, but luckily for for her she loves abdominal work almost as much as she loves gummy worms. Christine discovered yoga 10 years ago as a form of exercise but little did she know that the practice and philosophy would instill a self love, self confidence, and desire for growth that she had never discovered before.  She overcame her fear of teaching so that she could inspire others to find the same passion within them.  Christine is working on her RYT-500® and is training as a facilitator.