Drop What You Know

12 Laws of Transformation • 40 Days to Personal Revolution


I have worked until this exact moment, my entire life, to acquire knowledge. As humans it starts off very basic. Cultivate the ability to sit up, crawl, ask for food and keep progressing on track. Being a first time mom now, I’m even more aware of these timelines and rankings of where my child “should be” in comparison to her peers.  The amount of expert columns, blogs, questioning of friends/family and various sources to gain “knowledge” can be overwhelming. 

As humans we are intuitive beings. It’s how we have survived this long on planet Earth. I’m confident cavemen and cavewoman weren’t on pinterest planning how to get killer abs, manage a successful business, be insta-famous & mix the perfect pair of essential oils to get a great nights rest, all while floating off to dream land via yoga nidra on insight timer. [Is this just MY bedtime routine?!]

Education is powerful; however in my younger years, I became obsessed and wanted to do it all. I made the perfect plan, looked up to the movers and shakers I wanted to emulate, created magical vision boards, wrote out a plan of attack and strived to execute it perfectly. I was creating a version of me that didn’t exist ….yet. 

 I hit my stride from middle school on. I studied and executed everything from how to dress, what to say, what hobbies to be interested in, what crowds I needed to be associated with and was focused on winning. If you ain’t first, you’re last. Thanks, Ricky Bobbi. 

From the outside it appeared I had it all. Life was right where it was suppose to be— on schedule. The next part of my personal journey isn’t sad or traumatic, although my 20-year-old self probably would beg to differ. I followed the plan. I left my hometown, went to college, graduated, landed a corporate job [be the youngest one ever promoted hell or high water] and soak up ALL the information. In all of that success, something always felt a little “off.” It never felt how I had envisioned all those years ago doodling in my journal. 

Baron Baptiste said, “We live life from our heads, but here in this practice let’s drop our brain and lead with our heart.’ Yoga was the first place I learned to reconnect with just my body and my breath. No expectations.

Don’t get me wrong— I showed up in the newest lululemon pants, researched what mat was top of the line, and had learned Sanskrit so it would appear I knew what I was doing, even if I didn’t. The first 60-minute class I took, I found a brief moment of clarity. I couldn’t remember the last time I had done something just to do it. I quickly forgot about the expectation, what it was suppose to look like, and listened to my body. 

I was astonished with my physical practice and how if I got on my mat and into my body, a weight lifted off my shoulders (even if just for that class). I had an image of “me” and what I wanted other people to see. My brand was on point. Looking in those brief moments of being just with myself, I started to realized (or remember) I’m  a pretty fucking badass boss lady, even without all the accomplishments.

Yoga wasn’t on my life game plan. I didn’t have a specific route planned around it’s part in my life. I just marinated with what was. Full disclosure— my ego pops up all the damn time. Being perfect or saying the right thing shows up daily. When I give up the need to be perfect and have the answers every second it leaves space for new opportunities to appear. Not knowing the answer lets magic pop up in my daily life and most of the time it’s even juicer than I could have imagined. 

Education is important. It’s how we know to keep our bodies safe. It leads us to places we want to go. It gives us a purpose on passing down our stories and experiences to the next generation. Once I started listening to my body in yoga and letting the voices slip away, I was able to start questioning other small portions of my life. 

Who said I need to dress this way? 

Who said I need to have a specific car, job, relationship, etc to be “successful?” 

That voice of question and rebellion was always in me but I pushed it down to obtain what I thought I was destined to achieve and needed to please others.  

When I dropped everything I knew I was able to tap in deeper and find myself. 

The version of me that exists is the one right now and is ever changing moment to moment. I’m learning to embrace the dynamic of equanimity because when I’m the authority on how I want to feel in this moment, I’m already the expert. No studying required. Holding the power of being your own damn guru is next level epic shit. I hope you can find even a little space daily to let all the other noise fad away and have a legit conversation with yourself. You’re a badass, and you know it. Trust that. 

Kayla Iles | DDY Atlanta

Shelley Lowther