Be Still And Know

12 Laws of Transformation • 40 Days to Personal Revolution


But how?

Here’s a step by step guide.

  1. Be still.

  2. Know.

  3. Repeat.

Ok, that’s it. Blog is done. I’ve given you all you need to do so you can figure out your life.

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: @AlexandraAnnYoga

Photo: @jwaitsphoto Yogi: @AlexandraAnnYoga

Go on, do it. This is what you’ve been waiting for! THE answer

If only it were that easy.

Sitting still on it’s own is difficult enough. “We are a nation of “doers.” They say so in the commercials. So when we sit and not do anything, we are fighting our cultural programming.

Our bodies tense up and “finding time” in the day to sit still in itself is a challenge. When are you going to meditate? For how long? What are you going to focus on? What meditation app are you going to use? Will you be interrupted by your partner, pet, child, work? The list goes on.

Throughout the 40 days program, you have worked to create habits and time to be still and get more comfortable in the process. So now, what is there to know and how do we know when it’s “the” answer, not our opinion or ego getting in the way?

One of the most frustrating things to me about meditation is that the people who seem to have “mastered” it, speak in code. They answer your question with a question or give you a vague answer that leaves you with more questions than you had before.

As someone who has no where near come close mastered the art of meditation, I can say definitively that I don’t know what “the” answer is. I’m not quite sure there is one. But what I have started to learn is that I have a lot of stories and conjecture about what I think I know.

For example, the more I sit still and don’t distract myself with social media (my numbing agent of choice at the moment), I hear the track in my head listing all of the things I need to get done and do right today.

I hear the record playing about how I’m not productive enough if I can’t finish this specific blog today, as I sit and stare blankly at my google doc. And I hear how if I can’t finish this blog today, I should at least switch tasks and get something done, even if it’s not urgent. That way, I haven’t wasted the day “doing nothing.”

How many times have you gone to bed at night feeling productive, but not quite sure what you accomplished?

That has happened to me often. Baron says in 40 Days to a Personal Revolution he wakes up every morning to meditate because he has “learned to commit to putting first things first. I anchor to self.”

And this is what I think the point of “knowing” is. It’s a process to anchor to yourself. To watch the relationship between your actions and your emotional response. When you do that, it’s easier to put the most important things in your life first.

When you end the day, you want to remember what you did with joy and sleep with contentment.

It’s not about how much I got done. My self worth is not wrapped up in the to do list (anymore). It’s in the connections, the wholehearted ones, I make on a daily basis. From the quick smile at the cashier at the grocery store to teaching an entire power flow class with humor and sweaty assists.

Your ability to know stems from your connection to yourself. What it is that makes you feel connected to something bigger than yourself, whether it’s your children, your career, your friends, your side hustle, or some combination of those. We all have our social causes and opinions that light us up. You deserve to put your energy where it’s most valued to you. And the people around you deserve for you to show up as yourself, fully engaged as well.

So, be still and know. Then repeat, because as humans we are constantly growing and evolving. Be curious about how you evolve in the process.

Alexandra Ann | DDY Savannah