The Whole Is The Goal

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Photographer: @kellytmarieyoga    Yogi: kppatt

Photographer: @kellytmarieyoga Yogi: kppatt

If the WHOLE is the goal then WHO AM I?

I spent a of of time trying on and figuring out the answers to this question.

WHO AM I? I have tried on a lot of different hats. Different jobs. Different titles. Different clothes. Different goals.

I will run the Publix Half Marathon under 1 hour 45 minutes by 2017.
I will be married with 2.5 children by 2020.
I will see every National Park by 2025.
I will be fluent in Spanish and add French by 2030.

Putting goals on paper is exciting and terrifying. Showing up and doing the work every day takes drive and FOCUS. Reaching the goal brings out all the high fives, heart pounding moments, and pride. At least for a second… then what?

Every year I sit down and create what BHAGs I’m going to chase for the year. I break them down by personal, health, financial, and career just to name a few categories. I show up with a new planner, colored pens, and vision board the hell out of what’s on the horizon.

Insert goal. Research what all it “takes” to accomplish it & then I’m off. Laser focused while letting everything else around me fade away. the older I get the more I have realized a lot of the goals I have tried to attain distract me from what I really need to be doing. They distract me from checking in with all aspects of my life.

How I show up in one place shouldn’t be dependent on what I’m trying to showcase at the moment. If creating connection with my family and friends is a priority, I can’t sign up for events that are going to pull me away from that exact purpose. If finding my true north through yoga is the path I have chosen, I can’t just pick the inquiry questions I like & never sit down to cultivate a meditation practice. If it’s not the shiny part we all put on Instagram.

Now when I start to write down my goals for the year instead of researching how to do it faster, quicker, better. I sit down, step back, and ask if it will allow me to show up BIG in my entire life.

Where can you show up in your life and only pick things that align with YOU at every turn?

Instead of working on pieces of me, I’m taking notice of where I can show up loud and 100% unapologetically me.

Where can I continue to work on the whole? I’m not different compartments but one human being in its entirety.

Kayla Iles | DDY Atlanta