Remove the Rocks

12 Laws of Transformation • 40 Days to Personal Revolution


Transformation comes not by adding things on but by removing what didn’t belong in the first places. - Baron Baptiste

Just one little rock at a time, better yet maybe a pebble.

Big changes and transformation takes time and patience. Yikes, patience, not my best trait...

Transforming our lives has to start with something. A goal, an idea, something bigger than ourselves that we see as the end game. So what’s yours? No, not your neighbors, your best friends, or your parents or partners vision for your life. How do you want your life to look? What do you want to be remembered for?

Now to define the "problem", we live in a world full of clutter, chaos, people pushing answers into our face that we didn’t even know we had questions for, and in time where we think all of our wants are needs. It’s easy, SO easy, to look at our IG feed (I must do it 10x a day), the ads on TV, really anywhere and start to think about what we are “lacking” what we “need”... these are all the things that will give us immediate gratification. But what are the doing for us in the long run? 

Lately, I’ve been thinking are all these little things worth accumulating? Are they really what I want? Are they getting me to where I want to go? To who I want to be? Are they making me happier?

Sometimes adding things into our lives that we think we “need” turn out to just be bigger stumbling blocks. And, it’s really taking away, our unnecessary “rocks”, if you will, that bring us closer to our destination. To who or what we want to be. 

So before we just start buying a ton of shit, saying yes to literally everyone and everything (hello me!), and accumulating more and more, maybe we need to think about what these things and “yeses” are really adding to our lives.

Here’s the word problem I’m working and will without a doubt continue to work on: 

Does this thing I’m about to say yes to, purchase, commit to, etc. = the goals I’ve set for myself / the best version of me I am working towards?

If yes, AWESOME! Pat on the back.

If no, throw that away. Goodbye clutter! Hello, one step closer to what you are pursuing.

*Hint, you are allowed to change your mind. 

Rachel Stigall | DDY Atlanta