Seek The Truth: What Is, What Is Not. 

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When I was 15 years old, I was not a very happy person. I lost one of my aunts, grandfather, and my father in 5 years unexpectedly, and the shadow of the death darkened the vibe of my family. I was depressed and couldn’t find the one single reason that I had to continue my life. As I grew, my life seemed getting better, yet in deep inside of me, I was still questioning about the purpose of my life. I was unstable, not happy, and I struggled.  

Photo by Molly Hayden.

Photo by Molly Hayden.

Many years later, in my twenties, I remember the day I felt peace for the first time in my life. One day, my yoga teacher said “Look around you, see everything is ok”. I literally looked around myself, and saw what was there. Yoga room, door, CD player, table, chair, and so on. And then I realized everything was ok and I was ok. It had nothing to do with where I was, what there was, what I was doing, how I was doing. Simply, I saw that life was there, and everything was in the right place and I was ok. It was such a peaceful moment, and I felt pure joy from my heart. I started getting excited about everything in my life. From that moment of breakthrough, I truly wanted to know who I was and what was the purpose of life. This time, the questions were not from the place of darkness, sadness, or depression, but from the pure curiosity, peace, and joy. 

My breakthrough happened as I accepted the reality. Until that day, I always complained and not happy about everything; Why I was born in this depressing family?, why everybody close to me die?, why I am so short?, why I am so ugly?, why I am not more successful than other people?. I compared myself to other people constantly, and nothing satisfied me. I resisted, resisted, and resisted to who I was. But at that moment, when I saw what was real, I realized there was nothing missing in my life. Everything was in the right place, and I was in the right place. As I accepted where I was, who I was, the life showed me that I was complete, I was perfect, and I was at peace.

People often say “Life is hard.” And we loose ourselves in that sentence because life is somewhere out there, outside of ourselves based on this sentence. We look for the reasons, meanings of life from outside. Comparison, competition, and judgement are the tools that we use to find who we are. We compare ourselves to others and judge ourselves based on other people’s opinions. But what other people think about you is really true? Or, the real question is other people’s opinions about you really matter to decide who truly you are? 

As we look for the answers from the outside of ourselves, our life seems to be hard, or meaningless. We start to think we are worthless, not good enough, useless, powerless, and so on. But what the truth is that we have some challenging life experiences, and certain conditions of ourselves but they don’t define who truly we are. We are beyond all of that. The moment I felt peace for the first time in my life was the moment that I was able to see the “truth” as accepted myself fully from inside. 

The practice of yoga, or the practice of life is the journey to find who we are. Funny thing is though, we already know the truth; we are beyond all the definitions, opinions, ideas. But we have lost ourselves somewhere in our lives and life is only getting harder and more complicated since then. Don Miguel Luiz, the author of Four agreements said that “Who am I? You will know who you are when you see who you are not.” I think this is the key.

Give up all the ideas of who you are that have been accumulated in your head so far. Instead, ask yourself who you are. Seek the truth about yourself. Believe the power of asking questions. The power is not coming from giving yourself answers, but from the actions of asking. And just like Baron said in his book, have the courage to open your heart, face reality, admit your mistakes and take a right action. Then I promise, your life will get more easeful(not easy), and you will only get happier from that truth.

This is the beginning of our journey. Are you ready to find the truth of yourself?

June Stewart, Certified Baptiste Teacher, Senior DDY Team