Tools to Make Sense of It All!

Do you want the tools to make sense of the rest of your life? Sara Malphrus from Savannah, GA breaks down how yoga teacher training at Dancing Dogs Yoga will give you what you need to be your best at whatever you do. Today is the youngest you will ever be-- you are READY NOW!

Yoga teacher training changed the course of my life! I never considered being a yoga teacher. I even went into the program with the intention of it being for my own personal growth. Through the training I realized I have much to share with the word and yoga is one of these things. 

Baptiste yoga has become my medicine. It is what keeps my Massage practice strong and sustainable. Through the repetition of this practice I have been able to witness my growth. This growth has shown up physically, mentally, and spiritually. Not only did I learn the art of teaching but I gained the tools that make sense of the rest of my life. My life is non stop, 3 jobs and mom of an amazing little man. The things that used to stress me no longer haunt me day and day out. 

I'd say Dancing Dogs Yoga teacher training program is essentially life school plus so much more! Incredibly grateful that someone urged me. Now I urge you! Consider it! “

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