Commit To Growth

There is always room for growth and possibility in our physical asana practice and the same is true for our mental growth. If we could only accept that each aspect is ever evolving, I think we would be much more at peace with ourselves. Read on to dive deeper into one of the Baptiste Law’s of Transformation.

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Plank You, Next

Our pose breakdown of the week is Vasisthasana, side plank!

You might want to say plank you, next to this pose because of how physically engaged every muscle in your body has to be to hold your hips up high. But you would be missing out on this “most excellent” pose which is what Vasistha literally translates to!

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Legging Go: A Practice of Asteya

A curated note on how spandex & sparkly wellness items can sneakily steal your happiness. Do you ever feel like too much of your attention is spent on buying the “right” products for yoga and welness practices? Read on to find out how to practice Asteya, nonstealing, one of the Yamas of yoga off your mat.

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Alexandra Ann Yoga
Picture Perfect

In this world of Instagram Perfect Poses, it’s easy to start comparing yourself and how “advanced” your yoga poses are or how flexible you’ve become with a yoga practice. Transformation happens in more ways than physically. Read on to see how Zoe shifted her vision to look at the world around her to transform her fear into a Kick Ass Feel Good life!

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Let's Be Honest - Practicing Satya

We are connected to everything. Because we are so connected, everything we do matters. The words that we speak to each other and ourselves are going to enact change in our communities. So is what you’re saying and portraying honest? And why does it even matter?

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What You Know is Personal

In sharing and teaching yoga to others, I believe it is important to acknowledge differences. We all come from different backgrounds. We all have faced different obstacles in life. We may not see eye to eye. But when teaching it is important to bring in ideas that any person can understand. Heart break. Loss. Strength. Discomfort. Being nervous. Being excited. Happiness. We can all relate on those basic levels.

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