Patrick Boston

Patrick Joseph Boston is from the original Dirty D - Dayton, Ohio and moved to Atlanta to explore life outside of the walls of a cubicle.

Super Power: The Hostess with the MostessWhen you step into PJB’s house, expect to eat something amazing with ambiant music and cozy ass lighting. When you step into her class, expect to feel, laugh, work, sweat and connect. She probably will try to barder for your jewelry and your crop top. 

Why DDY? It’s a place that fosters continuous growth. Teachers give each other constructive feedback, hold space for each other through tough shit, and call each other out on bull shit. There’s a lot of laughter, booty shaking and shimmies, too! 

PJB’s Not-So-Secret Addiction: chicken wings from The Local. She ain’t got no shame putting down 20+ wings, and you best give her some elbow room. 

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