Alison Kapp

Alison Kapp is originally from Birmingham, Alabama.

Superpower: Go-Go Gadget Arms – an ability to reach any shelf, turn long-sleeves to short in a single bound and knock anything and everything over. If you spot her at Whole Foods, yes, she can reach that shelf, and of course, she’s happy to grab the granola.

Why DDY?: Dancing Dogs is a beautiful blend of all the good stuff - real people, genuine connections and HOT YOGA! Alison has lived all over the country and when she moved to Atlanta, and discovered a Baptiste Yoga studio was coming (finally!), she couldn’t wait to visit. From the vibrant community filled with inspiring teachers and students, to the awesome classes, the connection was instant.  Alison was immediately hooked and love bringing this amazing energy to all my classes! 

Alison’s Secret Addiction:  Competitive cooking shows – especially reality themed. Food Network, Cooking  Channel, Fox – you name it, she watches it. And no,  that doesn't mean she's a great cook!

Alison teaches at Dancing Dogs Yoga Atlanta and graduated from teacher training in February 2018.

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