Elayne Gorum

Always hungry. Speaking of, what's for dinner?

Elayne is an Atlanta-area native who has moved five times in the last four years thanks to her role as a military spouse. She’s back in the Peach State after spending the last 18 months living in Spain and exploring Europe with her husband and two and a half year old sweet little girl Ellie! She’s a lover of vegan food, Georgia football, full-bodied red wine, and travelling!

Why DDY? “I nailed side crow the first time I practiced there. Kayla taught it in a way that made sense and gave me the courage to just try it – after all, yoga isn’t that serious! I loved the way I felt – like I could play around and fall and get back up – and all that goodness in a class left me feeling so damn powerful. I agree with Adie – when you know, you know.”

Elayne’s secret addiction: Hanson. Like the 90’s MMMBop-singing Hanson. She has been a fan of theirs since ’96, has seen them in concert every time they’ve come to Atlanta, and will smack anyone who doubts their incredible musical talent!

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