Adie Morton

Adie Morton is from Saint Louis, but grew up in ATL for most of her life. She now lives in East Atlanta in a house with 4 humans and 5 animal-humans. When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, you can catch her slinging tacos & margaritas in Kirkwood, or painting in her little studio. 

Why DDY? "when you know, you know. I walked into the studio and I knew. and the more I got to know everyone, the more I knew it was the place for me... (and at this point everyone knows me too much to leave!)" 

Adie’s secret addiction: everything bagel seasoning. it’s actually not a secret. If you ever need some just ask her becasue there is probably some in her purse. But really purse bagels are a thing here. 

Adie is currently an apprentice teacher at Dancing Dogs Yoga Atlanta and graduated from DDY in July 2018.

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