Kelsey Schultz

Kelsey is a Texan through and through.


Chameleon powers.  Kelsey enjoys people, travel and documentary photography and can disappear into a crowd or nation to find a quiet moment to record in still photographs.

Why DDY:

“DDY and I have been circling each other since we came to Atlanta.  I first met the #ddytribe trading photography for yoga (score!) and have since trained to teach under Shelley.  DDY is the first place that truly resonated with what I love about yoga…come as you are and get into and out of yourself amongst other souls that inspire you to smile often and laugh much.  I once was locked out of the house with no money or shoes and my only thought was to come to the studio.  That is what it is to have community, I think.”

Kelsey’s Secret Addiction:

Soul music, although it’s not really a secret.  “I have been busted driving with the windows down, singing and dancing to Sam Cooke on more than one occasion.”

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