Shelley Lowther

Shelley Lowther is the founder of Dancing Dogs Yoga and the lead trainer for the Dancing Dogs Yoga School. A self-proclaimed possibility junkie, Shelley is an OG Certified Baptiste Yoga teacher, dog-lover, and activist.

Shelley discovered yoga healing from a traumatic injury. Once told she would never run again (and would probably walk with a limp) yoga was the key piece in a long road to healing. Shelley now walks, runs, jumps and even climbs mountains, thanks to never giving up, and to yoga.

Shelley opened the first Dancing Dogs Yoga studio in 2010 and SC, and the DDY brand has spread to three states and several cities. The DDY impact has been felt worldwide. Shelley has taught yoga across the US and in Lebanon, Kenya, Tanzania, Mexico, Cuba and the Dominican Republic.

If you want to go on a voyage of self-discovery (or just a badass voyage to practice yoga in far flung places) Shelley is your girl. Sign up now for a local class or a destination retreat or teacher training.