Zoe Becera

Zoe Becera is from Florence, Kentucky (just south of Cincinnati).

Superpower: Eating— she can put away an entire large pizza by herself, so if you ever need someone to tackle the mountain of totchos with at the Nook, you know who to call.

Why DDY? " DDY was the first place that felt like home in ATL. The community at DDY welcomed me with open arms and made such a big and busy city feel homey. I've met so many incredible and inspiring people at DDY and I hope that I can make students feel at home too."

Zoe’s secret addiction: How I Met Your Mother. :"I watch it every single day and have seen every episode at least 10 tens times, probably even more than that!”

Zoe is RYT-200 and graduated  February 2018 from DDY.